What to Expect When Seeing a Chiropractor for Knee Pain

What to Expect When Seeing a Chiropractor for Knee Pain

While most people visit a chiropractor with common health issues such as headaches, back pain, or neck pain, chiropractic care can be beneficial for other pain-related concerns as well. For example, chiropractors can effectively address knee pain. Therefore, if you are currently suffering from knee pain, one of the best things you can do is to seek professional help from a chiropractor. Today, we will discuss the main causes of knee pain and how chiropractic treatment options can help relieve your pain holistically. That way you will know what to expect when you consult a chiropractor for knee pain.

Why You May Experience Knee Pain

Knee pain can appear for many reasons. Yet, there are a few primary reasons that can lead to the onset of pain. Very often, the pain is a consequence of a high-impact injury such as a car accident or sports injury. In this case, you know exactly what initiated your pain and will most likely get prompt care to determine what tissues of the knee are actually damaged.

However, sometimes the cause is not so obvious because the onset of pain is gradual. This means that it may take weeks, months, or even years until you experience the first symptoms. Some of the common causes that can lead to knee pain over time are movement imbalances, obesity, arthritis, or even a previous injury that can initiate pain later on. To find out what causes your knee pain, you may need to consult a healthcare professional who can then assess your knee health.

Assessing Your Knee Health

Regardless of the cause, it is always necessary to assess your knee health and look for the damaged structures within the knee that lead to pain in order to promote sustainable recovery. Your knee contains many interconnected tissues that can all initiate and signal pain.

In the following, we will go through the most common tissues that can cause inflammation, soreness, or stiffness in your knee. Ultimately, if even one of these tissues is damaged, you may experience knee pain.

  • Ligaments: sprained medial cruciate ligament (MCL), anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), lateral cruciate ligament (LCL), and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). While in some cases only one of them is affected, all of them can be sprained at the same time too.
  • Meniscus: Since the knee is a high impact and weight bearing area, it has extra cartilage for cushioning inside- known as the menisci. A tear or damage to your meniscus, or other cartilage within the knee, can easily lead to pain and make simple movements like sitting or walking extremely difficult and painful.
  • Intra-articular cartilage: Secondary to a degenerative process, your cartilage in the joint can wear away gradually. This health condition is known as arthritis.
  • Patella: Your kneecap is called the patella. Any kind of direct damage to the patella or poor tracking can cause pain of the knee itself, typically more externally in nature.
  • Joint capsule: Your joint capsule is the tissue that surrounds the knee and provides proper lubrication and shock absorption within the joint. If this tissue gets damaged or inflamed, it can leave you in pain.
  • Muscles: Weakness or strain of the muscles in this area can also lead to soreness.

These were the most commonly affected tissues that can cause knee pain. However, poor bone health can also send a pain signal to your brain. For example, being overweight, having poor movement patterns or even overuse can result in stress fractures, osteoporosis, bone spurs, etc.

When to See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain

Unlike Western medicine and traditional doctors, chiropractors follow a holistic approach when it comes to knee pain. This means that they focus on addressing the key issue that causes your pain instead of simply masking your symptoms with medication or other invasive treatment options. They are looking for sustainable, long-term results for the patient’s well-being.

Chiropractic care’s main goal is to optimize tissue health and restore innate balance so you can feel your best self. This way, you can also avoid taking medication and maybe even undergoing surgery.

If you are wondering which are the most common knee-related issues with people are seeking the help of a chiropractor, here is a list to give you an idea:

  • Chronic pain (pain that lasts for at least 6 weeks)
  • Decreased range of motion regarding the knee
  • Weakness in the muscles of the knee
  • Poor body mechanics
  • Flexibility issues
  • Oversensitivity: it can cause excessive pain during daily activities or even when touching that area
  • Knee strain secondary to imbalances in other parts of the body, for example in the hips, ankles, or spine
  • High impact injuries (such as a car accident, fall)
  • Prevention of future injuries

If any of these issues are present, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a chiropractor for knee pain in your area. A chiropractor can address all these symptoms (and many more!) and assess your health to identify the root of your knee pain. Once the diagnosis is made, your chiropractor can create a personalized treatment plan for you to treat your health issues.

What are The Main Benefits of Chiropractic for Knee Pain?

Now that you have a better understanding of what can initiate knee pain and which issues a chiropractor can help with, let’s see what are the main benefits of chiropractic for knee pain.

  • You will have a higher chance to avoid surgery, injections, or other more invasive treatment options
  • You may have a faster recovery due to the body’s innate increased ability to heal (secondary to better balance and improved nerve flow)
  • You can prevent future injuries
  • You can decrease the risk of developing arthritis (or if you already have arthritis, you can slow down the progression)
  • You won’t depend on pain medications
  • You can have better knee mechanics, which is a great benefit when participating in your daily activities and everyday movements
  • You can have better immunity
  • You may also realize a sudden boost in your well-being and energy levels

As you can see some of the benefits are more obvious than others. If you would like to enjoy any of these amazing health benefits and you live or work in the Henderson, NV area, don’t hesitate to give a call to the office of Advanced Spine and Posture. The whole team is dedicated to assessing your health to help you live your life as pain-free as possible.

Potential Treatments Chiropractors Use for Knee Pain

Knee pain makes everyday life difficult and it can be extremely hard to handle the pain when it becomes chronic or severe. If you would like to overcome knee pain, chiropractic treatment options can bring you great results. This is because most chiropractic treatments focus on finding your innate balance.

Your chiropractor may recommend various treatment options depending on your situation, how severe your pain is, at which stage you are in the process of recovery, what your preferences and health goals are, etc. Ultimately, chiropractors who are certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) are the best choice for addressing knee-related health issues. These health professionals use science-based techniques to restore balance (first via the spine) and unlock the patient’s health potential.

The most commonly used chiropractic treatment options are the following:

  • Pain-relieving modalities: These modalities can offer immediate pain relief so you can feel better and undergo further treatment options with less need for taking any medication. Chiropractors may use temperature therapy (heating pads, ice packs), electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), light therapy, massage, and traction to relieve your pain. Also, these methods can be recommended by your chiropractor for home use when indicated.
  • Manual therapy: Your chiropractor may use soft tissue massage to bring you pain relief in the short term and help you relax. However, the increased blood flow and flexibility it provides can have long-term health benefits as well.
  • Adjustments: If your chiropractor detects any kind of imbalances or limited mobility in your knee or other areas of your body (for example the hips or spine), joint adjustments may be needed. This is because even subtle changes in the alignment of the hips and spine can lead to decreased knee function and worsen your pain symptoms. Therefore, it is important to restore the proper alignment and nerve flow for improved health and better healing potential.
  • Exercises: To reduce strain on the affected tissues, your chiropractor may recommend various exercises. This can include stretching, core strengthening, leg strengthening, movement and posture training, and body coordination as well.
  • Lifestyle changes: Your chiropractor may recommend some changes in your lifestyle including dietary changes, stress management, more exercise, adequate sleep, weight loss, etc. These recommendations may help you better cope with pain, improve your overall health, and facilitate your recovery.

Seek Professional Help for Your Knee and Say Goodbye to the Pain

If you don’t want your knee pain to cause much bigger health problems or further decrease your quality of life, consider finding a CBP-certified chiropractor for knee pain as soon as possible. These trusted healthcare professionals are trained to address pain with non-invasive holistic treatment options for the best possible holistic results.

In Henderson, NV the whole team at Advanced Spine and Rehab specialize in CBP. Give their office a call today and ask how they can help you relieve your pain and reach your health goals. One thing is certain: you will feel much better and you can most likely say goodbye to your knee pain very soon!


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